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Ah yes. The wonderful little handheld that knocked em dead in 89. Black and white. But stereo if you had headphones. 4 double A batteries gave you about 5 or 6 hours of play. And if the screen was ever subjected to direct sunlight for more than a half hour it was toast. But it was a handheld.

The pocket version was a marvel of reengineering. Better screen contrast. Unbelievable lowered power consumption. only 2 triple A batteries now lasted 10 hours. Just don't let this sit in the sun either.

I have a silver pocket game boy. Traded for an Ogre Battle SNES game that only cost me $10. This was when they first came out so I made out like a bandit. Never mind that Ogre Battle is now worth $30 to the game boy's $10 :)

But Hey, I got 4 years use out of it now :)

2003 and I am now the proud owner of an original gameboy again. The clear one. $5 at gamestop. How cool is that. Yeah I know the contrast sucks and you need to be playing under 40 watts of fluorescent lamps but it is the original handheld after all!

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