Another short list. Only one N64 game exists that I have played to the end. Almost 90 hours of game play. The most incredible beginning story line I have ever gotten hooked into. Followed by the most boring first level. And finally drawing you deeper and deeper and deeper .....

To the shortest and also the most unsatisfying end sequence I have ever had.


I'm sorry about the description I am about to give. I hope it doesn't discourage anyone from playing. After all I did finish it so since that is a rare occurrence it must be something special.

The intro scenes are incredible. The story grabs you and pulls you into the voodoo world. But the play for the first hour while you figure out the game controls is a bit boring. After you figure out just where you have to jump and grab on to go to the second half of the level then things pick up. And I am happy to say it keeps picking up further and further.

The game play is quite like some old platform games. But unlike the Tomb Raider stuff I always got stuck on the timings, in Shadowman you don't have to have perfect timing. You just have to figure out the perfect path. Excellent adaptation.

Halfway through the game you drop out a window into the courtyard of the Asylum. Looking up and around that massive structure is one of the crowning moments of video game history.

All the way up to the final sequence you are expecting something massive. And you get it. And if it kills you then you get a nice ending cut scene where the world comes to a sick and twisted end :)

But if you defeat the final boss in a blaze of glory. You get a 10 second cut scene of you with the voodoo chick and that's the end. Acclaim I hope you learned something in this. And any other game company. If someone is going to spend that much time playing something give them a little message at the end :) Make sure you save room before you make the cart. I have had better end game experiences on my Sega Master system.

September 2002 I finally defeated Skorne after playing over a year and a half of Gauntlet. Of course the game doesn't actually end but it is the final level. And now I have that little halo on my head.


Hit Counter Shadowman players were disappointed at the ending.

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