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One of my top 10 , um top 5 , wait, top 3 favorite video games from the end of the 70's was Lunar Rescue. This game introduced the concept of saving people. Basic 70's style color changes by level avoid stuff and shoot stuff game.


After you landed on the rescue pad you had to shoot your way back to the ship. Wow, avoiding, shooting, rescue. Sounds like the basic premise to most modern games huh :)

I have been on GameTap now for 3 months and Lunar Rescue is one of the games on there. I love it I get to play it every day.
Another was called Tunnel Hunt. It was a late 70's game but I didn't play it till 82 when I was downtown in school. But now that I think about it I'm sure I wrote about that on another page.

Seriously, if there was only one thing I recommended it would be GameTap


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