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Ok. Basically I'm not big on emulation because it is a way for people to play games without owning the rom. But I have just been turned on to an emulator that plays SegaCD games from the original CD's. Yeah I had heard about winages a while ago and wasn't too impressed by it. But kega from Steve Snake really does a great job on some of my favorite SegaCD games!

Ok ok I admit I played Sewer Shark until I beat it. The repetitions didn't bother me and I loved the cinamatics. It was running man cool all the way.

ratbreath.jpg (114465 bytes)

See, I made Ratbreath on the emulator :)

Also currently putzing with are Tomcat Alley and Double Switch. These Digital Pictures games seem to run perfect on this emulator. Wow, maybe I can finally figure out how to play Double Switch :)

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