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The first computer game I got addicted to was back in 1989 when I was doing on site field service for laser printers. Big drug company. Big VAX system. And a DEC Rainbow on my desk mostly just to be a smart VT220 terminal. But I found out this thing was DOS compatible. And somewhere on the network I came across a program called Empire. Simple war game. DOS 2 compatible. And I played and played and played. It was not the VMS version. I don't think. I don't actually know. Or remember. I just know I spent every extra hour I wasn't fixing things playing empire. I was a big fan of this type of game. The old star trek type grid combat. I had bought Interstel's Star Fleet II for my Atari computer and gladly paid $39.99 for it. So when I finally got a PC and then saw another Interstel game called Empire I had to buy it. I remembered the Wargame of the century part. I don't remember how much I paid for it. But unfortunately all I have left is the manual and the disk. And the disk is in bad shape. Thank goodness for off disk copy protection.

Not bad for 1987?. Wait. Second printing 1988. This game was trying to pass itself off as a space game :)

Wait, I just found the reference card. Here, have a couple scans.


It hasn't been until 2000 something that I gave this game another thought. Wargame of the century. I would have to say yes. Simple. Still needs some complex strategy. But better still. You can download it for free and give it a try. Click the image to go to the classic homepage.

Hit Counter people know what the Wargame of the Century really is.

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