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Toy Commander

Don't have one of these babies yet. But I plan on it as soon as I can get it for $99  :)  

Ok so I paid $120 for it but it came with the smash pack. My wife thinks I'm nuts because I'll play genesis games just as readily as the dreamcast.

Picked up a VGA box for it. Oh my Gawd what graphics. Sega is the absolute best when it comes to getting discounted systems and games after they stop manufacturing them :) I'll be running down the best of the best and all the rest soon.

What in the world happened to this fantastic system. Was it the hole they left in the operating system allowing independent developing? :)

There is more homebrew developing going on with the Sega Dreamcast now than there was Sega game development for it when it came out.

Hit Counter  People thought the dreamcast was underrated.

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