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Calling itself a computer game in 1981? Wow. I remember this thing new being close to 80 dollars. I got this at close out from the same place I got my vectrex and it was only $10. That was in 1985. Simple game. Only 3 buttons. Very simple DnD concept. A 10x10 layout. One dragon. A few pits. An arrow. I started writing a C++ game trying to emulate this but ran out of steam. Should be so simple. I would still play this game if it wasn't for the batteries running 5 bucks for 2 of them. And the game doesn't shut off so they run down after 2 or 3 months. But all in all this is a great little handheld to have.


Is a trademark owned and used under license from TSR Hobbies Inc.
The Publisher of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® fantasy role-playing game.

Of course somebody else owns the TM now.

While I'm on the subject. In 1980 when I was going to college I had to walk past a hobby shop to get to the bus terminal. They had this big display about a new "role playing game" called D and D. It was also all over the news about how this "game" was a cult that warped kids minds. So I wanted one of course.  Didn't see what all the fuss was about. Sure I spent hours designing dungeons that nobody ever explored. Sure I shelled out another 12 bucks for the advanced version. Sure I shelled out some cash for modules. But they didn't Make me feel I was part of a cult :)

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