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Ok I have something to confess to. For years now I have thought that anyone using a computer to simulate something that was easy enough to do in real life like hunting or fishing, was a bit odd. But 2 months ago I saw a game in the discount bin for $2 called Field & Stream Trophy Buck by Sierra. Something made me buy it. And a few days later something made me play it.

I have spent countless hours fishing when I was a kid. I never had any interest going hunting with my Grandfather though. And he was a die hard. Reloaded all his own ammo.

So basically you have someone used to doom like games all of a sudden up till 3 am trying to shoot deer. And realizing there is no brute force way to do it. So next time I think something is really silly to be doing in front of a computer I think I'll reserve my judgment until I try it :)

As of 2006 I have the xbox version or Dear Hunter 2005 and got another PC copy on closeout for $2.00     What did I start


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