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Collectible stuff from the Atari days. In 98 I was cleaning up some old books of mine and inside a space encyclopedia I found my old DataAge Mindscape record. dataage_f.jpg (124859 bytes)This little plastic 33 1/3 RPM record was an ad for the most awful games made for the Atari :) They spent so much money fordataage_b.jpg (109533 bytes) advertising and promotion. The boxes and labels were fancy and really glossy. It wasn't until Bermuda triangle till DataAge had a decent game. Well maybe Journey Escape was good also. 

If you would like to hear this record you can by going to LINK and hear an MP3 recording of it.

I also found a promotional postcard for Activision's Robot Tank. This is one of the better Atari games that is still fun to play. 

rtank_f.jpg (70973 bytes)

rtank_b.jpg (46211 bytes)

I also have a few pencils with Vanguard graphics on them. There was so much promotional stuff from the time that has been lost. All the little comic books that came with some of the games. Posters. Games. Although you can still find some of the board games on eBay.

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