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The first joysticks were simple things. Maybe a lot of buttons but nothing fancy until the Turbo Grafx came out. With it's built in turbo fire. Imaging having an auto fire stick on some of the old games. The first joystick cheat I remember was having the Atari stick with the mercury switches in it. It was just a stick with a button on top. It used the mercury switches to sense which direction you were tilting the stick in. If you used this joystick for decathlon or track and field on the 800. You just had to shake it back and forth. Too easy. I did buy an auto fire stick for my SMS and Atari. However I was determined not to use it to cheat. So when playing Rocky on the SMS I never used it. My son tried it :) But it only got you so far because it didn't fire fast enough. I really tried to play Rocky. Practiced and practiced. But could never ever get more than a few rounds with Drago. I know if you hit that mitt in the training session enough times you got the hard punch after only 2 swings. But I could never manage to get the mitt enough times. Back in 99 when I got most of my SMS collection back I was sitting one night with the power base converter on my genesis. I had been playing Y's. But I threw in Rocky and fired up the auto fire. Twenty minutes later I had finally beaten Rocky. From a video game purist perspective I guess I had no right to see the ending :) But if I didn't I would have never seen it. Am I bad because of it? :) I always try to beat games with out any help. I really hate the games that require speed or dexterity that is beyond me. If you stop playing a game because its too hard then it wasn't programmed right in the first place. Right?  

By the way, The first night of playing with an SMS emulator on my Dreamcast I went and beat Rocky again with the auto fire just for kicks :)

Hit Counter cheaters :)

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