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Another extremely overpriced system when it first came out. Sure it was half the price of a 400 computer. But I knew someday I would have that Atari computer.

Every system has it's gems. The first 5200 game I remember people getting addicted to is the only 5200 game I actually have.


It's a simple shooting game that uses twin stick controls. One to move the ship and one to fire a laser. Similar to robotron. You had a simple grid maze to clear. And prizes to pick up. And it really seemed to unite the two hottest genres of the time. Space games and D and D games. Although the only dungeon similarity was the grid maze you had to navigate through.

 The only other 5200 games worth mentioning are Gremlins, Countermeasure, and Bounty Bob Strikes Back. I was addicted to the first Miner 2049er on my Atari. Not sure if I have played BBSB.

More to come.

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