Rather non descript game I picked up for $2.99. Basic Anime style platform action game. Great story. A little bright on the colors. But the music is some of the best I have ever heard. After one very east level you the second level with this.

So you enter a cave. Then the music in the background hits you and you are mesmerized. Almost forgetting there are a million creatures flying around your head.

Ok I have a surprise. Click the above pic for an MP3 for the level music.

The rest of the levels, at least as far as I have been able to get to are just as good.

There is a code in my action replay that makes you invincible. I have used this code two or three times but in the last 2 levels there are a lot of platform jumps that need to be made. Even if you are invincible you can die by falling. I have not been able to beat this level even with the cheat on. I can't imagine trying to  beat it without using the cheat.

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