32X Top 10

Were there 10 games? hehe sure there were. Virtua Racing is a true arcade port with extra courses and cars. Very easy to steer. This is still my favorite console racing game.

Space Harrier is another faithful arcade port. Has all the quirks of the original. 

Kolebri is a new age metaphysical cosmic hummingbird game :) It's great when something this strange sneaks it's way into a system.

T-Mek is um, T-Mek :) Worst digitized 32x graphics. But I loved the arcade game. And it is the only version available.

Star Wars is a faithful port of the Star Wars arcade game.

Tempo is a sickeningly colorful platform game that is hard as anything. But the soundtrack is excellent.

Shadow Squadron is a good Wing Commander space game.

They should all be cheap. Except Spiderman. And the elusive Darxide. The UK game that was made in anticipation of the neptune coming out and of course it never did.

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