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I was very disappointed when I downloaded the Tron 2.0 demo and was unable to get it to run on my 32mb video card. I had heard some good reviews about it and being a Tron fan I wanted it. At about the same time I went to the Philly Classic expo. As mentioned I met Cindy Morgan and one of the things she told me was to wait until the xbox version of Tron 2.0 came out because it was better than the PC version. November 2004, I have had the xbox version for 3 weeks now and am totally blown away by it. Sure it is extremely hard and it's been a few years since I have played a game like this where losing a life and reloading every 5 minutes seems normal. Kinda like Doom II and Shadowman. But I absolutely love this game. Sitting in a dark living room in front of a 36 inch high def TV and afterglo joystick lighting up green in my hand. Some of the levels have me looking around and sightseeing when there are no ICP's attacking me. Playing this game now is about as far fetched as being digitized if you think of it in 1982 terms. Look at the original Tron arcade game. Then look at the Disks of Tron arcade game. Now in my living room I have what is considered a game console that is as powerful in computing terms as some mini-mainframe computers were back in 1982.

If I was to imagine myself inside a computer it would be exactly like Tron 2.0. The whole video game evolution line can now be summed up in four steps. Pong, Kong, Doom and Tron...

I Beat Tron Killer App on the xbox. I don't agree with the reviews. Being an original Tron fan makes the difference I absolutely LOVE this game.

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