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Three decades of video games of the 70's, 80's 90's and beyond. Atari and Commodore flashbacks. Video game repair tips. 70's TV show fun and games. A personal biography. Amusing and slightly informative ramblings from a long time electronic junkie.

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This first page gets a lot of hits but doesn't really say much. And it may go away from time to time due to traffic spam. Just search google for stuff on vulcanjedi to find my pages.


Ok so most of the hits are from bots and link loaders and all the real hits come directly from searches. So if you are seeing this page then I really don't know what to say besides thanks :)


I was Webmaster for a wonderful local non-profit project. (www.teamchildren.com) but have not been involved as much lately.

If you are wondering what happened to my youtube account then join the club. Must have been a copyright thing with the background music in one of my last vids. And since a run in with the idiots at digital seizure when there were only 6 fans with vids of shadoan and time traveller you would have thing they could have asked us to remove the vids instead of claiming copyright offence. No matter I have bigger and better things to do with my videos now. 850,000 video views made them money but it's my turn now :)

Check out my resume if you need the services of a Quality Assurance Pro .

Someday I'll be doing strategic development for a game company. Seriously, what better person to test and direct and produce a game than someone who has followed games for 30 years?   :) If you are a game developer and are looking for some serious Quality Assurance testing drop me a line. I would be glad to help out. And I am familiar with non-disclosure clauses :)

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